Our skin is oilier.
Because of testosterone, a man’s skin produces more oil which makes them more prone to skin problems such as acne. Men’s facial washes need to be a little more concentrated and deeper cleaning.

Our skin is thicker.
25-30% thicker than a woman’s skin. Due to more elastin and collagen men tend to age a little better – but age will still catch up. Make it harder with regular moisturiser and sunscreen.

We sweat more due to larger pores.
This means a bigger build-up of dirt and excess oil. Cleansing every day is good, but adding a face scrub a few times a week is great.

We like to be confident.
And how we look plays a part of feeling confident.

We shave.
This can cause razor burn, rashes and irritation. Prevent skin problems with shaving products and a good quality moisturiser to soothe, restore and rehydrate skin.

We are out in the elements more.

This means skin is being bashed around by UV rays, environmental pollution, wind damage and other free radicals – which age skin.

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Men are just getting into skincare. It’s about keeping it simple with a few great products that work.



Ion Moist 4 Men

What it does:
Scientifically proven to help restore skin hydration levels by over 40% in a single day.

Why you need it:
Your skin needs a drink.

Vital EtTM

What it does:
Vital ET™ biofunctional is a unique bio-functional complex of tocopheryl phosphate (Vitamin E derivative) designed for sensitive skin, which helps reduce the appearance of redness and swelling on skin.

Why you need it:
You went outside today.


Xpert Moist

What it does:
This molecular film contains powerful moisturizing and regenerating active ingredients, and gives a feeling of comfort even in extreme conditions.

Why you need it:
Your girlfriend complains about your rough cheeks.


What it does:
UPLEVITY™ peptide. Counteracting the force of gravity. This tetrapeptide fights sagginess by enhancing key elements to the assembly of elastin and several collagens.

Why you need it:
You’re no longer getting asked for your ID.


Anasensyl® LS 9322

What it does:
ANASENSYL® LS 9322 is a synergistic complex whose ingredients complement one another in regulating and inhibiting the inflammatory
process. ANASENSYL® brings a total answer to
male skin sensitivity.

Why you need it:
You’re seeing red when you look in the mirror.